Express Kiosk

Why Do We Need an Express Kiosk?

From observation, sometimes consumers would prefer consuming and choosing products by themselves rather than receiving opinions from salespeople. Also, consumers can finish their purchase in a cashless and seamless way to make purchase easier and more convenient. In order to serve customers to satisfaction, create an interactive experience, and save costs of both sellers and consumers, using an express kiosk can help : 

・Improve utilization of human resources;
・Enhance efficiency and sales volume with machines for quick check-out;
・Easily customize suitable strategy with precise targeting via big data and cloud computing ;
・Provide up-selling or recommended sales options in each transaction
・Avoid human errors with artificial intelligence;
・Get connected to new technology-savvy consumer base;

How to Enhance Consumer Experience with Kiosk?

・Interact with consumers with pagers;
・Immediate communicate with customers via user interface;
・Introduce all product-relevant information to consumers.

Nowadays, pagers can alert consumers with special offers, show ads, play fun videos, and etc., to provide more information and entertainment to consumers when they are waiting in a store.

What can we deliver to our clients?

・Design brands, campaigns
・Decorate facilities
・Build linkage between online and offline shop
・Design websites
・IoT integration
・Ecommerce integration
・Payment integration